4 Ways To Maximize Your Home Selling Value

When selling your home, you want to get the best price possible. Making a few home improvements can help to maximize your home selling value. And some of these improvements don’t have to cost anything.

Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions do help when it comes to selling a home. The first thing a prospective home buyer sees will be the front of your house. Make sure the lawn is neatly mowed, well-watered, and free of weeds. Trim the bushes. A home that is hidden behind a tangled mess of overgrown bushes will look like the entire home has not been kept up.

Freshly paint the front of your home. A newly painted front door can give the house a whole new look. Replace the door handles. Adding flowers or potted flowers will add color and beauty to your front yard. Boosting curb appeal shows that you have maintained your home, inside and out.

Declutter and Clean

Keeping the home clean and clutter-free is necessary. Pick up toys, make the beds, and wash the dishes. Dust and vacuum daily and wash the windows in and out. Pay special attention to the kitchen. Clean the oven and the stovetop.

If there has been any smoking, it will probably be necessary to clean the upholstery and drapes to get rid of the smell. How the house smells is what potential home buyers will remember. It will help to have the home completely deep cleaned before putting it on the market.

Brighten the Interior

If there are rooms that are painted in dark colors, painting the room in light neutral colors will brighten up the room nicely. Replace dingy or dusty lamp shades. In rooms that have small windows or just one window, adding a mirror can brighten up a room and make it feel more open.

Add more lights to rooms that are dimly lit. If appropriate, install track lighting in certain rooms. Use LED light bulbs instead of the old incandescent bulbs. You can buy LED bulbs in warm white, natural white, and cool white as measured in kelvins. For example, a 2700K bulb will create a warm look. Bulbs measured in higher kelvins will be much brighter, which are best for garages and laundry rooms.

Reduce Energy Costs

Reducing energy costs will maximize the selling value. LED bulbs reduce energy costs. Simple improvements like weather stripping around doors and windows help. Installing energy-efficient appliances and a hot water tank will further reduce the energy bill.

For example, if you live in an area with cold winters, like Estes Park, Colorado, installing new attic insulation or energy-efficient windows could maximize the selling value of your home. You can ask real estate companies in Estes Park or in your local area about increasing the selling value of your home by adding energy-efficient windows.

When it comes to maximizing the selling value of your home, every little bit helps. Something as simple as mowing the lawn to more elaborate improvements, like energy-efficient windows, will increase your home’s value.