7 Top Breakfast Spots The Locals Rave About In Estes Park

Everyone should know by now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some prefer to go out and buy a meal instead of preparing one for themselves. Given the popularity of restaurants owned by families or local owners, it’s no surprise to see some patronage within a diner or a pancake house, especially when it comes to the food and atmosphere from the eateries. Given our history of working with restaurant owners as the Estes Park Team Realty, there’s something about them that makes the experience different from a brand name restaurant. That being said, some people may have a huge preference regarding the restaurants they like the most in, say, Estes Park. Whether it’s due to nostalgia or the overall quality of the place, there’s a lot to enjoy from the Top 7 best breakfast spots in Estes Park.

1. Mountain Home Cafe

This compact eatery has all the breakfast favorites that regulars enjoy as well as the sandwiches that no one can resist. On top of including those on their menu, they also provide any of the homestyle American options a small but charming cafe like Mountain Home should have. The place is famous within Stanley Village and also includes an outdoor patio, perfect for the summer day.

2. Notchtop Bakery & Cafe

The name of this place may seem a little odd, but don’t let that stop you from thinking this is one of the best breakfast spots in Estes Park. The interior of the place is pretty comfy, but what makes Notchtop great is its menu. From waffles to omelets, and from sides to go with the meal to the drinks they have, this is a place that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone visiting Colorado.

3. The Eggs of Este

Our group at the Estes Park Team Realty is happy to assure that there’s more to this diner than eggs, as The Eggs of Este include some of the best meals that money can buy (and we mean it in a good way)! Unlike most of the options on this list, Eggs of Este sells their breakfast meals throughout the day, so anyone interested in getting a bite out of their pancakes can easily stop by before 2 pm, their closing time until the next morning.

4. Coffee on the Rocks

Don’t be too reliant on any big name brands that sell coffee; this neighborhood coffee shop has just the right little necessities to make your morning great. Aside from having a nice beverage in your hand, you can also sink your teeth into some great breakfast burritos or sandwiches; these choices along with the rest of Coffee on the Rock’s menu have the same “made with love” quality that just can’t be found in most big-name chains.

5. Big Horn Restaurant

While it’s better known for being a BBQ place for anyone interested in a plate of American food, Big Horn’s also one of the best breakfast spots in Estes Park. Waffles, grits, and croissant sandwiches are among the many breakfast options from their menu. The best part about the Big Horn Restaurant is its western theme, complete with the warm colors and exterior’s classy design that makes it feel unique among many other family-owned restaurants.

6. Claire’s Restaurant and Bar

While table reservations have to be made before anyone can even enjoy their meal, the Estes Park Team Realty has nothing else to complain about with Claire’s Restaurant and Bar. Aside from its delicious menu and smooth bar, the breakfast they serve is quite impeccable, be it their various Benedict options, chicken fried steak, and sides like their popular breakfast potatoes.

7. Fresh Burger Stop

Just because it’s a burger place, doesn’t mean breakfast is out of the question at this restaurant! In fact, if a break from going out on the road is needed, then the Fresh Burger Stop has the right kind of meals to start a new day right. Take a bite out of their big breakfast burger, add layers of syrup on their pancakes, or enjoy an English muffin for a quick eat. As a bonus, any driver can happily refuel their vehicle at the gas station.