9 Coffee Shops To Get A Pick-Me-Up When Visiting Estes Park

Next time you are in Estes Park, be sure to visit one of the nine coffee shops that are available. When you are house-hunting all-day, you will probably be in need of the pick-me-up that these shops can provide. Below, you will find a list of the best coffee shops in Estes Park available!

1. Munchin House

The Munchin House is a great place to stop if you want a sweet treat to go along with your coffee. They have homemade fudge, candies, over 40 flavors of ice cream, and more. The coffee is in the form of an espresso bar as well so that you can choose exactly what you want.

2. Inkwell & Brew

Inkwell & Brew is a wonderful store that is great for authors and other hobbyists. They sell journals, cards, writing instruments, and more for you to peruse while drinking your coffee. To add, every cup of coffee is handmade by the employees of the company.

3. Mile High Coffee House

Mile High Coffee House is an excellent stop for every age that needs a pick-me-up. There are handmade kid-friendly drinks such as hot chocolate, as well as the strongest espressos for adults. The seating and space are known for being comfortable and offering the best service possible as well.

4. Coffee on the Rocks

Coffee on the Rocks has some of the most beautiful outdoor scenery for you to sit and observe while drinking your coffee and destressing. The outdoor area is next to the water, with many tables surrounding the water. Drinks are also known for being delicious.

5. Ziggi’s Coffee

Ziggi’s Coffee started as a small drive-thru coffeeshop in Colorado, but it has since expanded into a franchise. That does not mean that it has given up its long-time, housemade flavors, and coffees, however. Unwind at the Estes Park location, where you can find seasonal drinks and unique flavors for all.

6. Raven’s Roast

Raven’s Roast is a coffee lounge where guests are expected to unwind via socializing with others or relaxing with a book. The shop offers unique flavors in coffees, teas, and hot chocolates; so there is an option for everyone. There are even desserts and snacks to enjoy!

7. Kind Coffee

If you care about the environment and what you put into your body, then you may want to consider Kind Coffee for your pick-me-up drink. Each coffee is organic, and they even offered their housemade coffee by the bag so you can take some back home. There are even subscription packages so that you always have that right flavor to unwind.

8. Mocha Angelos

Mocha Angelos is as fun as their name implies they are. You are sure to have your sweet tooth fulfilled. It has innumerous candies, chocolates, and drinks options to keep you going.

9. Starbucks

Starbucks is a national coffee chain that is known and loved no matter where in the country you live in. You can find teas and specialty coffees to fulfill your needs. Make sure to try your favorites when visiting the Estes Park Starbucks, and the employees are sure to take care of you the whole time.

Final Thoughts

Moving is a stressful time for all, which is why it is important to have some form of a pick-me-up, including coffee. When you are ready to move to Estes Park, contact Estes Park Team Realty. The agents would be glad to meet with you at one of the above coffee shops and make a plan together.