Be Kind To Yourself And Try Kind Coffee Today!

The world can never have too much kindness. When kindness helps sustain our environment and promote equitable treatment of others, it’s more than a double blessing. Kind Coffee in Estes Park, Colorado uses certified organic and fairly traded coffees to promote both its coffees and its humanitarian philosophy.

The Kind Philosophy

About The Coffee
Their coffees are:

  • Bird-friendly: Their coffee is grown under trees in a forest rather than on acreage that’s been cleared and provides no habitat for birds.
  • Fair traded: Kind Coffee is fairly traded, providing the growers with a fair price for their beans.
  • Organic: Grown without pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals, their coffee beans are healthier and leave a cleaner environment for the entire planet.
  • Swiss water-processed: Their decaf coffee uses the Swiss water process rather than MEK or other harmful chemicals.

The Menu
Whether you want an oatmeal-bowl breakfast, brioche toast, a bagel, or ice cream, Kind Coffee provides tasty, real food that’s quickly prepared so you can get on with your search for things to do in Estes Park. Shakes, smoothies, hot sandwiches, and burritos are also available, so you can take your food with you if you want. Of course, the standard hot and cold coffee, tea, and lattes are also on the menu. Special requests are also honored.

Swag, Gifts, And More
Complete your Kind visit with gifts, drink accessories, and clothing such as bandanas, hats, and tops.

Things To Do In Estes Park

Once you’ve had your breakfast and beverage and you’re looking for adventure in Estes Park, consider some of the following:

Estes Park is also home to Snowy Peaks Winery and visitors can taste five of their handcrafted wines during their visit. Mementos are available, and juice tastings and a playroom are available for the younger set.

The Red Rose Rock Shop and Dick’s Rock Museum have rocks of all colors and sizes, both rough and polished, to adorn your rock garden at home.

Estes Park also boasts a miniature golf course and a ride-a-kart. Family-owned since 1959, Ride-a-kart doesn’t require reservations, and it’s located just below Lake Estes. Available activities include a miniature railroad, bumper boats, batting cages, bungee trampoline, an arcade, and a munch kart. Ride-a-kart is also available for special events. For more information, contact them at Ride-a-Kart.

Of course, in the Rocky Mountains, hiking is always a popular activity, and you can hike solo, although that’s not recommended, or join a group or arrange a personalized hiking tour.

Still Looking For Things To Do In Estes Park?

If none of the above appeals to you and you’re still looking for fun activities for the day, then this list may help you.