Best Breweries & Wineries To Tour While Visiting Estes Park

If you are new to Estes Park or are just visiting, be sure to check out some of the breweries and wineries offered. The town is known for having hand-brewed beers and delightful wines to please every palette. Below you will find the best breweries and wineries in Estes Park for your needs.


1. The Barrel

The Barrel is a one-of-a-kind brewery experience, as it is literally located inside of a storage container. The brewery has since expanded to offer an indoor bar as well, however. There are over 64 beers available in the summer and 20 in the winter, so there is always a flavor for everyone. There are also cider, mead, wine, and other beverages available.


2. Estes Park Brewery

This brewery has been around for over 20 years, meaning they have had ample time to really perfect their brews. Every beer is hand-crafted, and there are over 12 varieties on tap for your pleasure. Food and root beer are also available for those who want something else. What tops it all off is that there is even entertainment in the form of outdoor scenery, a beer garden, billiards, and more.


3. Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co.

Lumpy Ridge is another great, unique location to visit and enjoy for your next beer in Estes Park. You will find that every part of the building and the brewing process has been repurposed, and there is even a resident artist who has his art on display everywhere in the brewery. This brewery currently has four beers on tap and four beers that are available for to-go orders.


4. Rock Cut Brewing Company

Rock Cut Brewing Company has a taste for everyone in your party as there are at least 12 beers on tap. You can even get a flight and taste any five beers that you may be interested in at this brewery. There are food trucks and the patio is dog and kid friendly so that anyone can enjoy their time here.


5. Snowy Peaks Winery

Snowy Peaks Winery is a great vineyard to visit as you are able to taste wines from across the region, including those that are made right at this winery. You will find samples and a tasting room there as well so you can know what you like. You will also find gourmet food for sale such as chocolate and cheese, as well as unique, wine-related gifts.


6. Avant Garde Aleworks

Avant Garde Aleworks seeks to bring the flavors of France and Belgium to the heart of Colorado in Estes Park. All beer served is handcrafted locally, and the water that is served is even straight from the Rocky Mountains. Each flavor has its own twist that you have never experienced before as the brewing experience is done in a truly ancient way.


7. Elkins Distilling Co.

Elkins Distilling Co., though not a brewery or winery, is worth mentioning on this list. It is the first legal distillery in Estes Park, which they take great pride in as they want to honor the years of whiskey-making that have existed in the Rocky Mountains. There is a tasting room so that you can taste these locally made whiskeys yourself as well.


Final Thoughts

There are many wineries, breweries, and even distilleries for you to enjoy in Estes Park. You may enjoy the town of Estes Park while you are there as well. You may enjoy it so much that you will want to move, in which case you should contact the agents at Estes Park Team Realty.