Best Spots To Take Unbelievable Photos in Estes Park

Whether you visit Estes Park when fresh snow caps the Rocky Mountains, or you come in the summer with all the flora in bloom, this magical area has spectacular places to capture amazing photos. Here are some of the most popular places to capture breathtaking images. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

This immaculate scenery affords guests and residents hundreds of spectacular places to grab a sunrise photo, a beautiful view of the sun cascading across the mountains, or the chance to capture the rich colors of the sun as it sets beyond the pines. People love this park so much that many of them opt to marry inside the borders. Here are a few of our favorite places to shoot extraordinary pictures. 

Bear Lake

If you love the fall, then nothing is more beautiful than capturing the Aspens at the height of autumn. These trees encompass the lake. To get fabulous mountain views, head along the north side of the lake and look across the water until Half Mountain and Long’s Peak come into view. You will have over three-quarters of a mile in trails to find the perfect lighting for your shot. 

Nymph Lake

Take the trail from Bear Lake to the south to reach Nymph Lake. You will know you are at the lake’s edge when you see the pond lilies that flank the water. The best time of day to visit is first thing in the early morning to avoid the groups of hikers that reach the area after hiking Bear Lake. 

Dream Lake

This small water spot is just a little further south from Nymph Lake. You can access this long hike from the Bear Lake trail. As you pass between Nymph and Dream lakes, you will find a wide variety of wildflowers offering the opportunity to capture some of the native flora in brilliant bloom. 

Emerald Lake

This part of the Rocky Mountain National Park features a huge landform, the Tyndall Gorge. This area is to the east of Dream Lake. If you find the right angle, you can grab a shot of the Tyndall Glacier in the frame. Emerald Lake affords the most opportunities to take pictures with over three miles of trails to explore. Capture Flattop Mountain in high light to see the magnificent details of the spires. The waterfall in the gorge is probably one of the best things to capture with your lens. 

Alberta Falls

This area gets its name from one of the founders of Estes Park. Here a mix of aspens and pines await. The waterfalls in this area are exquisite for wedding backdrops, romantic rendezvous, and artistic creations. Visit in the fall for the best variety of colors. 

Lily Mountain Trail

Hiking this trail will not disappoint. From the top of this trail, you can take photos of several iconic areas. Long’s Peak, Mummy Range, and Estes Cone are just a few of the possible shots. You will also have the opportunity to grab a picture of the Twin Sisters Peak and Mount Meeker. Whether you visit in the winter when the snow covers the mountains, or you prefer to shoot pictures in the summer, there are dozens of stops in this area to please. 

Smith’s Ranahan Ranch

For those who prefer animals to mountains, a photo excursion to Colorado is fitting. A trip to Smiths is an experience everyone who lives or visits the Estes area will love. From the hilltop orchard views to the sprawling mountains that command attention, this miniature camp is charming and cozy. The guides are happy to give you a bit of local history and point out the best places to capture your perfect shot. 

Rocky Mountain Rush

When getting a picture of bighorn sheep, elk, or moose, is at the top of your agenda, then visiting Rocky Mountain Rush should be your first stop. There are two places you will want to visit to get incredible pictures. The Trail Ridge Road Highway will lead you to several sparkling waterfalls. To get the best views in Rocky Mountain Rush, take a convertible or ATV down Old Fall River Road. 

Remarkable places await you in Estes Park. This area is teeming with wildlife, various plants and flowers, waterfalls, and mountain peaks. No matter what season you visit, the area is full of unique destinations. Take the same picture morning, noon, and night to get a stunning view of how different this area can look. From sunny shots to snowy peaks, this Colorado location is full of phenomenal places to photograph.