Estes Park Business Spotlight: Wild Side 4×4 Tours

Taking a beautiful guided tour through the Rocky Mountains is one of the best things to do in Estes Park, Colorado. Wild Side 4×4 tours through Rocky Mountain National Park are fun and offer incredible scenery and wildlife.

4×4 Wild Side Tours

Wild Side 4×4 Tours is the only company with an off-road permit in Estes Park with tours throughout the year. They offer different types of photo tours for Rocky Mountain National Park all year.

These tours offer the opportunity to take photos of some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Rocky Mountain National Park climbs from 7,600 feet to 14,259 feet above sea level. The park has one of the largest protected alpine tundra ecosystems in the contiguous United States.

You will be able to see wildlife like bears, bighorn sheep, coyotes, mountain lions, deer, and elk. There are 280 bird species and 142 confirmed species of butterflies to see as well. The park is home to 118 mountain peaks over 10,000 feet, including Longs Peak at 14,259 feet.

Rocky Mountain National Park Tours

If you’re looking for things to do in Estes Park, Wild Side 4×4 Tours has various tours available. One of their most popular tours is the Guided National Park Photo Tours. The Top of the World Photo Tour takes you on a guided tour of Rocky Mountain National Park where you drive over Old Fall River Road up to 12,000 feet. You will see roaring waterfalls, wildlife, and amazing views.

If you are not a fan of cliffs and driving over high mountain passes, they offer the Sunset Photo Tour with no cliffs or scary drop-offs. This tour stays in the lower altitudes of the park and on paved roads. You will still see beautiful scenery, mountain peaks, and wildlife.

For an incredible winter tour, you can take the Winter Wonderland Photo Tour. The park is stunning during the winter. You will be able to walk to waterfalls that could be frozen in place. Their vehicles are heated with studded tires and carry blankets and extra winter gear. You will be treated to snacks and hot cocoa.

4×4 Off-Road Tours

They offer four different off-road tours that take you where cars cannot go.

Their Panoramic Peak Tour is a unique tour over rugged dirt trails. This is a safari-style photo tour with custom open-top vehicles. You’ll be able to view several mountain ranges and all the way down to Denver, nearly 100 miles away. Guides will explain the mysteries of The Mummy, The Bear Tree and describe old-growth Aspens.

Their Not So Mellow Marshmallow Photo Tour begins in the early evening and takes you on an off-road trek through the park and gets back to town after dark. You can enjoy the sunset in the Rocky Mountains and take in the view from their 360-degree photo-op viewing tour. After sunset, you are able to see the entire Denver area lit up at night.

They also have a winter off-road tour which is a real adventure in this winter wonderland. Wild Side 4×4 Tours also offers elk viewing tours and group tours.

These tours are some of the most fascinating things to do in Estes Park. You can take their tours during the summer or winter. You will enjoy majestic mountain views, waterfalls, and all sorts of flora and wildlife.