Estes Park Favorites: You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery

A noted addition to Estes Park’s culinary scene, You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery is a beloved eatery thriving on Big Thompson Avenue. Renowned for its pies, brownies, muffins, and scones, this award-winning bakery offers mouthwatering treats. The shop’s desserts are so tasty that people travel far and wide to satisfy their sweet tooth. Tourists from Florida and Wyoming will often trickle in to delight their taste buds.

Created by Valerie and Rick Thompson, You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery was built on dedication, collaboration, and long-lived aspirations. For years, Valerie and Rick had lofty goals of becoming business owners in the Estes Park community. In 2008, they breathed life into their shared dream. Since its inception 13 years ago, You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery has stolen the hearts and appetites of many. According to customers, Valerie and Rick make pies that are “out of this world.”

Many are also big fans of their burgers, breakfast items, and fries. With that said, though many come for their bakery products, they stay for their American classics. Some favorites on the menu include egg sandwiches, milkshakes, hot dogs, and salads. Thanks to their diverse options, You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery caters to an assortment of culinary preferences. After all, when Valerie and Rick established their shop, they didn’t want to become a one-trick pony. To keep their talents varied, they branched out, resulting in a dynamic bakery and diner.

As experts in freshly baked goods, Valerie and Rick are always pioneering big ideas. Rick, specifically, paired a brownie with a chocolate chip cookie in the hopes of introducing a delectable dessert. His clever skills paid off, and he’s now the brains behind the brookie. Valerie and Rick continue to impress the masses with their expanding expertise. Patrons suggest that the secret to their success is their ability to combine top-notch baking with world-class customer service.

Equally commendable is their commitment to their craft. At You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery, you’ll find love, diligence, and appreciation baked and cooked into every good. As a result, Valerie and Rick have developed recipes and techniques that are unmatched. With their tremendous work ethic, the two have come into great prominence across Estes Park and around the United States. Whether you reside in Hawaii, Delaware, Georgia, or Arizona, you can get your hands on one of Valerie and Rick’s yummy creations.

You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery has gained such a loyal following that the restaurant sells merchandise. From socks and magnets to bibs and cups, there’s a variety of goods to purchase. For a dining experience that promises satisfaction, individuality, and memories, look no further than You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery. As a long-standing Estes Park bakery, this establishment is well worth its salt.