Experience Colorado at 7,522 Feet Above At Mustang Mountain Coaster

Visitors to Estes Park and Colorado residents alike enjoy the breathtaking landscape of this area. It’s a wonderful place to sightsee, and there’s plenty to do. Outdoor adventures of all kinds are one of the top activities in this region. If you’re looking for things to do in Estes Park that allow you to take in the scenery while enjoying a thrill, you’ll want to check out the Mustang Mountain Coaster.

What Is a Mountain Coaster?

First of all, you may be wondering what exactly a mountain coaster is. As the name suggests, it’s a bit like a roller coaster that takes you along the mountain’s winding landscape. A big difference is that you’re in control of a mountain coaster, with the ability to manage the speed of your car. This mountain coaster is a fun and exhilarating way to traverse the beautiful surroundings, with no need for horse riding or other athletic skills.

About Mustang Mountain Coaster

Mustang Mountain Coaster, in Estes Park, is easy to reach from the Denver, Boulder, and Ft. Collins-Loveland areas. Here you’ll find a fun new thrill ride on the historic ranch of the Walker family. These folks have been providing horse or wagon tours of their gorgeous property since 1959. To keep up with modern times and the changing economics of the ranching business, the Walkers looked for a way to continue to share their land. Hence, the Mustang Mountain Coaster was born in 2020. The Walker family refers to their coaster as a “horseless trail ride.” It’s a safe and accessible activity for the whole family to enjoy and make lifelong memories.

Mountain Coaster Ride Options

You have various options when it comes to purchasing ride passes. Each rider can choose to buy a single pass or a 3-ride pass if they intend to ride multiple times. There’s an unlimited passenger pass available for kids 3 and older who are between 38 and 54 inches tall to ride as many times as they want with an adult driver. Passes are good at any time throughout the season.

Information and Policies

There are some things you should know with regard to health and safety before visiting Mustang Mountain Coaster. Those with certain health conditions should not ride. These include pregnancy, current injury, seizure disorder, heart condition, and history of back or neck surgery. A release of liability waiver will need to be signed by each rider, and posted signs must be obeyed. You’ll find a full list of coaster rules and policies, as well as frequently asked questions, on the Mustang Mountain Coaster website.

As you can see, a trip to Mustang Mountain Coaster is an activity the whole gang can enjoy. It’s a unique adventure and the perfect way to catch a glimpse of Colorado’s scenic landscapes.