Grab Some Friends And Enjoy A Meal At Brunch & Co

Brunch & Co. is the right place to spend valuable time with your friends and family. You can choose from a long list of exciting activities and dishes at Estes Park, enjoyed under top-notch customer service. Besides, our company is a haven of exquisite local and foreign cuisines. Do you want an energizing breakfast at the lodge or power up with a vegan dish before beginning a hike in the afternoon? Brunch & Co. is the place to be!

Our company is under the roof of the prominent Stanley Hotel at 333 Wonderview Avenue Estes Park. With over thirty years of combined experience in the service industry, Brunch & Co guarantees you relentless hospitality. The staff is known for their accommodating tendencies and keenness in serving your dining needs. Customers have praised our cuisine options, quoting them as native and inclusive of their constituent needs.

Local Cuisines in Colorado are a symbol of heritage and have, in the past, amazed our guests and left them craving more visits. Things to do in Estes Park Although Estes Park takes the form of a miniature town in Colorado, there are many activities you cannot afford to miss. Estes Park is along the massive Thompson River offering gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountain peaks from the comfort of the Stanley Hotel’s balcony.

At Estes Park, you can expect to make the most of all the outdoor cultures. Even if mountain exploration is not on your bucket list, you can have much fun. First, you can visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is minutes from Estes Park. The park is labeled the best place for outdoor activity lovers, where it covers a whopping 250,000 acres of open land. Through the trails, you can enjoy rivers and panoramic mountain views. The Rocky Mountain National Park is similarly suitable for skiing activity even during summer months.

Your friends might also enjoy a surprise visit to the prominent MacGregor Ranch. At the ranch, there is a magnificent display of Estes Park’s heritage, dating back to the retro 1870s. If, for instance, one of them does not adore skiing or mountain climbing, they might value horse riding or a visit to a blacksmith shop. Who knows, maybe you will collect a souvenir to remind you of the cool breeze at Estes Park!

Our Brunch & Co dishes are the icings on the cake for your stay at Stanley Hotel. They offer vegan, vegetarian, and other food options depending on your values and culture. Thier main objective is to satisfy the ever-growing hospitality industry demands in and out of Estes Park.