Here Are A Few Ways To Enjoy Spring In Rocky Mountain National Park

Spring is one of the best times of the year to dive into the wonder of Rocky Mountain National Park. Not only are crowds lower during this shoulder season, but the immense beauty of the park is on full display. When looking for things to do in Estes Park this spring, be sure to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park to take advantage of all that it has to offer visitors with these activities.

Get Up Close and Personal with Wildlife: There are thousands of animals and critters that call Rocky Mountain National Park home. Because spring is birthing season for many animals, this is a great time of the year to spot mothers and their babies. Catching the elk in action is a popular activity at the park. You will find these animals grazing in the meadows. In the late spring, you will find that bighorn sheep start to migrate down from the higher elevations to Horseshoe Park.

Wildflower Viewing: In addition to the animals, be sure to spend time checking out the wildflowers that dot the landscape of this setting. The arrival of spring brings out fields of wildflowers. Head to the Tundra Communities Trail for some of the best viewings. Or make your way toward the highest terrains of Trail Ridge Road to see the hearty flowers that still bloom even in the coldest climates. Good flowers to be on the lookout for include Alpine Avens and Indian Paintbrush.

Hike to the Higher Elevations: As the sun comes out and the mercury starts to climb, now is a perfect time to hike up to the higher elevations of the park. Do not let the warm temperatures deceive you. There will still be plenty of snow in the high country, making it important that you bring snowshoes if you plan on serious hiking. The eastern side of the park is particularly susceptible to heavy spring snowfall events. However, the warm sun that comes out the next day will make your journey worth it.

Traverse Trail Ridge Road: Distinguished as the highest continuous paved road in the U.S., a ride along Trail Ridge Road is a real treat. While this road is not open during the winter due to the extreme weather conditions, you can expect it to usually open on Memorial Day weekend. The snow walls that line the road are a sight to see. Do not forget your camera. This road delivers sweeping views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and all of their majesty. Be sure to check the road conditions and any potential closures before heading out to explore Trail Ridge Road.

You will feel your troubles melt away as you spend time with Mother Nature in the stunning setting of Rocky Mountain National Park.