The First Steps To Homeownership


First and most importantly make sure your Realtor actually lives in Estes Park.  If you don’t have a local Realtor you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.  Local Realtors know the Estes Park market and the rules and regulations pertaining to many purchases.

Second, make sure you are using a local lender. Mountain properties have many nuances that other lenders don’t understand.  You want to choose a lender that has experience loaning money in Estes Park. Most of our Condo Associations are not government-approved projects for government-backed mortgages.  Local lenders also use local appraisers which have always been critical in our market.


Becoming a homeowner in Estes Park is a little different than the rest of the country.  You are probably not going to buy your “Dream Home” with your first purchase. Estes Park’s home market has always been difficult or near impossible. Being a Resort market Estes Park has struggled with affordable housing for as long as I can remember. We didn’t have any in 1991 and we don’t have any today.

Those buyers hopeful to purchase a home here and get a job here have to be resilient. Teachers, Police Officers, nurses, and even Doctors will have a difficult time finding something with both spouses working. You are not going to buy your dream home your first home. As a matter of fact, it might be two or three homes away.

The best advice is to “Buy Now”. You can not save your way into the Estes Park home market as our appreciation eats away at your ability to purchase much faster than you could ever save. We all know that interest rates will also be going up and reduce the amount you will be able to qualify for on a mortgage.


Buying a home in Estes Park will help you reach your financial goals sooner. Real Estate in Estes Park has always been a good addition to anyone’s portfolio whether you are a first-time homebuyer or you are buying your second or third vacation home. With current interest rates at historical lows, it probably isn’t the best decision to pay cash for your home.  


Estes Park Team Realty is always ready willing and able to guide you through your home purchase or sale.  It is our goal to make it as easy as possible for you.