Your Bucket List for Estes Park in 2020

If you’re looking for an excellent vacation destination in Colorado, Estes Park is likely to have exactly what you’re looking for! Not only are there ski resorts in the area, but there are many other great things to do in Estes Park and the surrounding area. Here are a few of the best things to do in Estes Park:


1. Go Skiing At One Of America’s Best Resorts

The town is located near some of the ski resorts in America with the highest elevations, largest vertical drops, and the largest average annual snowfall amounts. Not only that, but the state is known for its champagne powder, which is dry and powdery snow that’s perfect for skiing. Furthermore, ski resorts in the area often have extremely long seasons. 


2. Dine At A Five-Star Restaurant

Not only are there plenty of options for outdoor recreation in the area, but there also are lots of restaurants in the town. This means that there are plenty of options available for quality dining in the region. Not only are there excellent restaurants where you can go out to eat, but there are also hotels that offer world-class dining and lodging. 


3. See One Of The Nation’s Most Beautiful National Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park features some of the country’s highest peaks, and it includes some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country. Not only are there numerous beautiful hikes in the park, but you can also take a drive along scenic roadways within this one of a kind National Park. While there is a small fee to get into the park, it’s possible to get a pass that will allow you to get into all of the country’s National Parks. 


4. See The Region’s Wildlife

There are lots of animals in the region around this town, which means that you have a good chance of seeing wildlife during your trip to the area. There are numerous elk, bears, deer, and other woodland animals in and around the town. If you spend time in the wilderness around this small mountain town, your chances of seeing the region’s wildlife are quite high. 


5. Go For A Hike

If you want to enjoy some solitude in nature, hiking in the area is a great way to experience it. There are many areas near the town where you can see what true wilderness looks like. Not only that, but there are many places where you can see beautiful vistas of evergreen forests and snow-capped mountain ranges. In fact, this region of Colorado is known for offering exceptionally scenic hikes to people with all levels of experience, including beginners.


6. Take A Day Trip To The Denver Area

Not only are there lots of fun things to do in this small Colorado town, but you are also located within a day’s drive of Denver. While you’re in Denver, you’ll be able to visit many different museums, dine at some of the state’s best restaurants, and take scenic walks in the city. 


7. Appreciate The Scenery Surrounding The Town

The town is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, which means that there are lots of beautiful mountain views in the town. This makes it an excellent place to take a walk. Not only are there lots of beautiful views, but the region’s relatively dry climate means that there’s plenty of sunshine and relatively warm daytime temperatures in the winter and cool summers. This makes the region perfect for skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities in and around the town.