Your Home Could Be Worth More With These 5 Factors

In a competitive real estate market, you want to do all you can as a seller to make your home appealing to buyers. Anything that helps your property stand out from the crowd could be to your advantage. The condition of your home and its amenities are obvious selling points. However, you may also want to consider these five surprising factors that could add to your home’s value. Keep these in mind when considering how to sell your home in Estes Park.


1. Distance to a Starbuck’s

Yes, it’s true. How close your home is to a Starbucks could have a significant impact on its sales price. A 2015 report from Zillow found that homes located within a quarter-mile of the nearest Starbucks increased in value by 96 percent between 1997 and 2014. That’s in comparison to 65 percent for all homes in the U.S. during that timeframe. That same report indicated that homes near Dunkin’ Donuts gained an average of 80 percent over those same years. This could be an indication that living near conveniences like coffee shops could benefit your bottom line.


2. Blue Kitchens and Bathrooms

The colors you choose to paint the rooms in your home could influence the price buyers are willing to pay. Sure, they could always repaint. Other factors like tiles and countertops aren’t that easy to replace. Homebuyers seem to be influenced by blue kitchens and bathrooms, according to another Zillow report. Blue bathrooms increased home values by quite a bit. Homes with light-colored blue bathrooms sold, on average, for $5,440 more. Colors like pale blue or light neutrals give a clean feel and make buyers feel that the home has been well taken care of.


3. Trendy Features

More and more people are watching home improvement shows such as the ones on HGTV. They’re becoming familiar with the latest lingo when it comes to real estate and decor trends. Savvy buyers are looking for features like barn doors, shiplap, and farmhouse sinks. If you have any of these or other on-trend features in your home, be sure to feature them in the real estate listing’s description as well as in photos. You don’t want these in-demand features to be missed. Most brokers with real estate companies in Estes Park would agree that you should upsell particularly desirable aspects of your home.


4. Proximity to a City

Finally, if you live in or near a city, you can count on your home being more competitive in today’s market. Over the past several years, the average urban home has increased in value at a significantly higher rate than that of suburban properties. Use this to your advantage when marketing your home.


5. If you have these in your Front Yard! 😉


These five factors might seem surprising, but data has shown them to have an impact on home prices. Be sure to leverage any of these that apply to your home when you list it. You’re sure to get a higher return on your investment.