10 Date Night Ideas To Do In Estes Park

The Estes Park area is well known for being a great place to live, particularly for those that enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. For those that live in the area or are visiting, it can also be a great place to have a fun night out with a spouse or significant other. There ten great date night ideas in Estes Park that can allow you to have a very fun and memorable experience.

Picnic Lunch with Hike

A great way to enjoy time with someone you care about is to have a picnic. To make it even more eventful, you should take a hike to a favorite lookout location. In Estes Park, there are more than 300 different hiking trails that you can choose from, many of which have great places along the way to enjoy a fun meal.

The Whiskey Bar

If you enjoy a nice cocktail at the end of the day, treating yourself and your significant other to an evening at The Whiskey Bar is a great idea. This cocktail lounge and whiskey bar have some amazing creative drinks and a wonderful atmosphere. This makes it one of the top places in Estes Park to spend a night out on the town.

Couples Massage

One of the reasons why people come to Estes Park is to enjoy all of the nice resorts and spas. Due to this, there are many great places where you could go to enjoy a couple’s massage. This will allow you to connect and relax with your significant other at the same time.

Movie Night

Sometimes, there is nothing better than going to the movies with someone that you care about. At a movie, you will have a chance to completely disconnect and enjoy some great entertainment. For those that are in Estes Park, the Historic Park Theater is a great place to spend an evening. During the year, this theater frequently plays a mix of new movies and cult classics that you can enjoy.

Go Hiking

With more than 300 trails all over the Estes Park area, spending a nice afternoon on a trail is a great option. There are trails all over the area that are ideal for people of all ages and in different fitness conditions. The trails can range from a short hike to those that could take well over half of a day.

Sunset Drive

If you are looking for date night ideas in Estes Park, another great option is to take a drive at sunset. When driving over the hilly roads all over Estes Park, you can catch some great vantage points that will allow you to see all of the areas. This can include giving you some great westbound views that allow you to have a perfect romantic evening.

Bridal Veil Falls

If you enjoy the outdoors, one of the most iconic places to go in the Estes Park area is Bridal Veil Falls. This is a 20-foot waterfall that is located in the heart of the national park. When you come here for a hike, you can enjoy the pure beauty that this waterfall offers, which is well worth the effort it took to arrive there.

Night Out at a Restaurant

Enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant is also a great date night option. In Estes Park, there is a wide range of different restaurants that you can choose from based on your desired cuisine. This includes Nicky’s Steakhouse, which is one of the top-rated restaurants and steakhouses in the area.

Local Winery

If you enjoy sharing a bottle of wine, a great place to visit is Snow Peaks Winery. While Colorado tends to be known for its outdoor amenities, it does have a climate that can produce some great wines. When you come here, you can enjoy a glass or flight of wines that are then matched with a variety of local foods and treats.

Resort Night

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Estes Park has a lot of options. A great option to consider is spending a couple of nights at The Estes Park Resort or River Stone Resorts. These amazing resorts have a great combination of both natural beauty and relaxing luxury amenities.

Day on the Golf Course

If you and your significant other love golf, Estes Park is a great place to go. When you come here, there is a range of courses that are challenging but allow you to enjoy the amazing natural scenery. Some of the top courses in the area include The Estes Park 18-hole course and the Lake Estates course. There are also mini-golf courses and driving ranges to enjoy as well.

There are clearly many great ways that you can spend a night with someone that you care about in Estes Park. This is one of just many reasons why moving to this community could be a great option. If you are looking to move to Estes Park, you should reach out to the team at Estes Park Team Realty or check out the homes for sale in Estes Park. The real estate professionals at Estes Park Team Realty can help you to find your dream home in the area and show you all that the community has to offer to homeowners.