17 Great Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up, you might be struggling to find ideas on how to make your dad feel special. Here are some practical and enjoyable ways to show your father figure how much you love him:

1) Make it a Movie Date!
What dad doesn’t enjoy watching his old favorite classics with his family? Plan out a special movie night only filled with movies that make him happy.

2) Do a Family Puzzle Together
There is no better way to spend engaging quality time together than puzzling as a family.

3) Create a Photo Slideshow
Show Dad how much he matters by creating a photo slideshow or movie of your favorite times with him.

4) Bake His Favorite Dessert
For some dads, the quickest way to their heart is through their sweet tooth. It’s time to fine-tune your baking skills or grab his favorite dessert from the local bakery.

5) Self-Care Gift Basket
If you are willing to splurge a little on the gifting budget, a spa package with his favorite grooming products is a fun treat.

6) Grill Out Together
If your dad enjoys grilling, set your celebration outdoors. Set everyone’s chairs around the grill so you can focus on dad while he grills.

7) Go for the Greens
If you are looking for a peaceful retreat with your dad on Father’s Day, the golf course is the perfect place to go.

8) The Family that Hikes Together Stays Together
Pack up a picnic of your dad’s favorite finger foods and hit the trails. This will make for one-on-one quality time.

9) Campout with Dad
Speaking of nature, camping is another great way to extend the quality time with your dad outdoors.

10) Help Dad with Chores
Some Father’s Days don’t always fall on the most convenient days for dads. Ask him what needs to be done around the house and help him knock it out.

11) Research Family History
If your dad is a history buff, he may be highly interested in his own family history.

12) Hobby Time
It’s time to take up an interest in your dad’s favorite hobbies so he can feel appreciated and proud on his special day.

13) Go Fish!
Take your dad on a peaceful trip to the fishing piers and pack some sandwiches. There’s a big chance he will enjoy the trip so much that he will want to stay all day.

14) Get Active
For the dad who loves to stay fit, plan a unique day filled with his favorite workouts and activities. You can even get a deck of cards and fill them up with wild deck workouts.

15) Drive Down Memory Lane
Tell your dad to get in the car, grab a coffee from his favorite place, and take him on a drive through his old stomping grounds to reminisce on the good old days.

16) It’s the Thought that Counts
Whether you have something fancy planned or not, your dad will appreciate and cherish your homemade gifts.

17) Pamper Him
You can never go wrong with a back or foot massage when it comes to Father’s Day. If that’s not your thing, he will still appreciate a gift card!

Whether you are on a budget or simply trying to find ways to show your dad how much he means to you on Father’s Day, don’t be afraid to try something new. It is likely that you will shock and surprise your dad in the best way possible.