5 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Rockies

If you’re looking to travel to or move to an exceptionally scenic part of the country, then the Rocky Mountains are likely to offer exactly what you’re looking for, and this list of five fun facts about the Rocky Mountains can give you ideas about what to see in the region. This mountain range contains many of the highest peaks in the continental United States, and the range stretches from New Mexico to northern British Columbia. Here are five fun facts about the Rocky Mountains:

1. The Rocky Mountains Contain Numerous Glaciers

While glaciers in many parts of the Rockies are retreating, there are still large glaciers in the region. As you go further north in the Rockies, glaciers become more common and larger. This is because of the colder climate at high latitudes. However, they can be found surprisingly far south as well. In fact, there are glaciers in Rocky Mountain National Park, which is in central Colorado.

Glaciers are formed when snow builds up during the winter and does not fully melt. As time goes on, the snow becomes more and more compact. Eventually, it becomes compacted into hardened ice, which is known as blue ice. This ice takes an exceedingly long period of time to melt if it is exposed to temperatures above freezing, which maintains the stability of the glacier.

2. There Are Numerous Lakes Located In The Region

While the climate in many parts of the west is quite dry, there is enough precipitation in the Rocky Mountains for numerous lakes to form. Some of these lakes have formed in depressions that were carved out by glaciers over thousands of years. There even are a few lakes that are located above the timberline.

Pacific Tarn is the highest lake in the US, and it’s located in Colorado. The elevation of this picturesque lake is over 13,000 feet! Not only is this lake located at an exceptionally high elevation, but it’s surrounded by even higher peaks. The views that you’ll be able to see there are truly spectacular.

3. Rare And Endangered Wildlife Can Be Found In The Area

Many areas within the Rocky Mountains still are in a completely natural state, which makes the region a perfect home for wildlife. Some examples of animals that you can find in the Rockies are elk, bear, moose, deer, foxes, and raccoons. Your chances of seeing these animals on a hike or while sightseeing in the Rocky Mountains can be quite high, but this depends on where you travel to and when you go.

4. Winters In The Region Are Not What You’d Expect Them To Be

If you expect winter in the Rockies to be unbearably cold, you certainly aren’t alone. However, winters in the area are surprisingly warm and sunny! The air tends to be fairly dry, which means that temperatures drop rapidly when a storm comes in. Therefore, it can be as warm as the mid-40s, and then a storm can come in and bring massive amounts of snowfall on the same day.

Also, the quality of the snow in the Rocky Mountains is very different than what you may be used to if you have lived on the east coast. The snow that falls on the Rocky Mountains tends to be exceptionally light and powdery, which makes the Rocky Mountains an excellent ski destination!

5. Many Ski Towns Feature An Active Nightlife Scene

Not only are there plenty of great places to go skiing in the Rocky Mountains, but there are plenty of great places to go out for the night after a day on the slopes! One example of a town with an active nightlife scene is Estes Park.

This iconic mountain town features a wide range of nightclubs and bars to choose from, and these venues often feature live music. The nightlife scene in ski towns isn’t just active during ski season either! In fact, you can enjoy the nightlife of Estes Park and other skiing destinations any time of the year, including during the summer!

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