9 Reasons To Visit Estes Park This Summer

Estes Park is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States located in Colorado and surrounded on all sides by stunning and breathtaking peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country with its endless ways to enjoy nature, explore and have fun. Summer is definitely the prime and the busiest season. If you are thinking of spending a vacation in the Rocky Mountains area but have not decided when here are the top 9 reasons to visit it this summer. 


1. Hiking

Estes Park is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains National Park – the 3rd most popular national park in the USA, and one of the best places for hiking. There are over 300 miles of hiking trails of different levels of complexity. They are accessible to all ages and abilities, and all of them lead to some of the most magnificent natural sceneries in the world. If you are not sure where to start and what trail to take, you are welcome to ask hiking experts at the visitor center in the town. 


2. Explore downtown

One of the best-kept secrets of Estes Park is Riverwalk. It starts at the visitor center and winds through downtown. Walking down the Riverwalk is a great opportunity to spend a couple of hours in the town by visiting local stores and restaurants, looking at bridges and bronze sculptures, and enjoying the serenity of the river 


3. Camping

Camping in the Rocky Mountains Area is a wonderful experience full of hiking, starry nights, and campfires. It is officially recognized as one of the best camping areas in the United States. There are plenty of campgrounds in the area, offering visitors the most comfortable and memorable stay beneath the mountain sky. 


4. Visit the Haunted Stanley Hotel

If you are visiting this stunning town in Colorado, it is hard to miss the legendary Stanley Hotel. The hotel was built by an inventor of steam cars F. O. Stanley in 1909. The hotel became a popular tourist place after the release of the famous Stanley Kubrick’s horror movie The Shining. You can take a ghost tour around the property and then taste some whiskey at the Whiskey Bar that boasts one of the largest selection of whiskey in the country. 


5. Try rock climbing

If you need some adrenaline rush, then rock climbing is what you need to try while visiting the Rocky Mountains region. It is named as one of the six rock climbing destinations worth planning a vacation around. Climbers from all over the United States are drawn to its Colorado region for its world-class climbing opportunities. Regardless of the level of experience and age, it has a lot to offer. The best areas for outdoor climbing in the area are Rocky Mountain National Park and Twin Owls. 


6. Do horseback riding

Since the Rocky Mountains region is a cowboy country, you should try horseback riding. There are plenty of horseback riding outfitters in the area offering guided tours ranging from a couple of hours to several days. All ages and levels of experience are welcome, even families with the youngest kids. Horseback riding is a perfect opportunity to watch the wildlife of the region, to learn more about the landscapes, and to see such wildlife animals as deer, coyote, elk, and others. 


7. Experience Rooftop Rodeo

In the period between July 6 and July 11 you have a unique opportunity to see the award-winning rodeo with real cowboys and cowgirls from around the Wild West. This rodeo week has been named as the best small rodeo of the country. All six days of the rodeo week are full of various events, including professional rodeo performances, competitions, and the traditional Rooftop Rodeo parade through downtown. 


8. Hit the river

If you are an extreme sports lover, then whitewater rafting is something you will enjoy. There are several whitewater rafting companies operating in the area, where you can rent the equipment and take classes. You have a lot of options: you can either enjoy a calm and relaxing ride or challenge yourself by rushing through rapids. 


9. Play some golf

The Rocky Mountain area offers excellent golf courses. Only here you are able to not only play golf but also enjoy the spectacular sceneries. No matter where you are staying in the area there will be a golf course within walking distance.


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