A few maintenance items to consider when selling your Colorado Home

It has probably been a while since you’ve thought about updating a few things around the house to make it more marketable.  We’d like to start with the Outhouse, often one of the most neglected parts of your Colorado Property.

First, make sure the door closes and latches.  Many folks don’t understand it’s nice to see the view from there.  Winter of course would make that closing door much more comfortable.  Take just a few moments to sand the seat nice and smooth.  Nothing like a splinter to ruin the sale of a house. You might want to consider running a little electricity to the place.  Nothing like going out there in the dark and having to use a flashlight with a dead battery. Electricity really makes it nice and you can even read in the dark like you could in the daytime. A nice picture on the wall makes it a little more homey too – just saying, they’re going to close that door.

The two main rooms that the woman of the house is looking for are the bathroom and the kitchen. We’ve already addressed the bathroom (mostly) so make sure that you put a new leather in the pump by the kitchen sink so that it works really smooth and draws water well.  You’ll be using that pump to put the water in the water reservoir in the kitchen cookstove so there’s hot water for the house. Make sure the kitchen stove has a little wood in it too, keeping the kitchen area warm. If you bake a pie before the showing, the house will smell really nice overcoming that casual lingering smoky wintertime odor.

Next, make sure you clean the varmints out of the woodpile.  Nothing like getting startled in the evening or late a night when you are getting some wood for the stove.  Well, then there is the stove. Make sure you clean the ashes out regularly while it’s on the market so it burns properly and gives your home that nice warm glow.

Making sure that all of the light bulbs work and that the strings to turn them on are long enough for short people is always a plus. You wouldn’t want them falling down those stairs to get to the cellar.

I’d make sure that the piece of tin you nailed to the roof last summer to patch the roof hasn’t blown off so there isn’t any water dripping in on the inside. Folks really don’t like that and probably wouldn’t buy the house if that was occurring.

If you’ve addressed all of these issues your house is ready to show and sell for top dollar!  If you need any more advice, just give us a call we’ll be happy to help.