A Local Favorite: Cowboy Brad

Brad Fitch is one of the most recognizable faces in Estes Park, Colorado, and he is recognized for being a great singer/songwriter and a favorite among locals. Brad Fitch has performed at many special events around Estes Park, including hosting his music festivals. From observing Brad Fitch in Action at the Estes Park Library and other public spots in town, it becomes apparent that he is very well-liked.

1. Cowboy Brads Success

Brad Fitch has had many great successes; he holds a degree in Economics and is currently the president of his consulting firm, Brad Fitch Consulting. Brad also owns a local TV Channel (BradFitchTV) available on Comcast and Dish Network. Additionally, Brad Fitch has become an expert in the energy systems field and started his own energy consulting business—Technology Incorporated.

Besides his business success, Brad Fitch has also enjoyed a successful career as a local musician. Growing up in the town of Estes Park and around music, it was easy for Brad to move from being in bands as a child to performing at local venues. Brad Fitch currently performs across the Front Range and has opened for several well-known artists, such as Ziggy Marley and Willie Nelson.

2. Interesting Facts About Brad

Brad Fitch is only the second person in Estes Park history to achieve the Mayor’s Business Award as an outstanding business leader. Brad Fitch started his successful energy consulting company on June 11, 2010. Brad Fitch is also an avid traveler and has been to many exotic places worldwide. Brad Fitch has also written many books (published b Brazil), including a free e-book called “Thinking About Your Future.” Brad Fitch is very passionate about his children and loves spending time with them.

3. Community Involvement

Brad Fitch has been a long-time local business leader and part of the Estes Park community. Brad Fitch played baseball in high school and college, but his passion was always music, and he has a passion for providing entertainment to the local community. In addition to his performances at local venues like the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival and The Crazy Horse Saloon, Brad Fitch has introduced more captivating things to do in Estes Park. Brad hosts an annual event called The Summer Concert Series at the Poet’s Corner in downtown Estes Park. The event draws a large crowd yearly and has featured many outstanding performances, including Willie Nelson and Ziggy Marley.

4. Brad Fitch on His Music

Music seems to be the motivation behind all of Brad Fitch’s endeavors. Growing up in Estes Park, Colorado, surrounded by music and musicians, helped inspire the passion for music in all of Brad Fitch’s work. From his performances at venues across the Front Range to his hosting of The Summer Concert Series and shows at the Poet’s Corner in Estes Park to his TV show on BradFitchTV, music is a central theme with Brad Fitch.

Brad Fitch has been performing since he was young, and his passion for music translates into his performance. Brad Fitch’s many successes in life have translated into him being a local inspiration to many people. Brad Fitch is passionate about doing what he loves and has created many things he loves to do through his work.