Back to the Future

estes park

Our family was not much different than the average tourist to Estes Park, Colorado.  We visited during most of the holidays like everyone else, Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor Day.  We would come out and stay in our condo for those holidays like most guests from Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Texas.

We purchased our home here in May of 1991.  Our son Mark visited shortly after graduating from electronic school.  We were standing on Elkhorn Avenue at about 11:00 AM on a Saturday. The only other living thing in sight was a 4 point Mule Deer wandering down the street.  Mark’s comment was “Pops, where did all the people go?”. I simply told him that they went home. 1991 Estes Park’s year-round population was about 2,500 and we had about 2.5 million visitors.  Things over the years have changed.  

Looking at Elkhorn Avenue this morning it isn’t much different than it was in 1991.  The more things change, the more they stay the same. There wasn’t a mule deer on main street this morning but there were elk in Bond Park quietly mowing the grass for the town.

Estes Park now has approximately 5,800 permanent residents and about 18,000 in the school district.  The powers that be continue to practice reverse gerrymandering keeping our city limits very small. Carriage Hills our largest subdivision is actually in the County and not in the town.  They don’t want any of those “new” people to be able to vote. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

 I will be writing a new blog that you can look forward to soon about Macro and Micro Economics that will tie into this Back to the Future Blog and the video for this blog.

Stay tuned for new Blogs and we hope that you find them interesting and enjoyable.