Best Golf Courses To Play In Estes Park

While there are many beautiful golf courses across the country and around the world, very few of them can make the claim that they’re nestled in the Rocky Mountains. To be sure, courses like Augusta National, with its perfectly manicured greens and timeless layout, have a beauty all their own. Perhaps you’ve even played a round of golf on this golf haven and found yourself wondering how you’d gotten so lucky. 

A truly scenic golf course, though, doesn’t simply have well-manicured natural beauty in its immediate vicinity. Instead, a truly scenic golf course is placed in an area that already has so much natural beauty that any additions to that beauty almost take away from the pristine beauty that already exists. With these types of surroundings, a golf course can simply be enjoyed for its playability, while the natural beauty that surrounds you reminds you that you’re at a one-of-a-kind golf destination. When you golf at one of Estes Park’s highly regarded golf courses, a truly scenic experience is exactly what you’ll get.

If you enjoy the outdoors aspect of golf almost as much as the game itself, here are a few courses you’ll adore.

Estes Park 18-Hole Golf Course

The 100-year-old Estes Park 18-Hole Golf Course needs no fancy name because its beauty comes from its natural surroundings. This gem, incorporated into the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District, offers over 6,300 yards of play across its 18-hole, par 71 course. Depending on the weather, the course usually opens on or around April 15th, with the season stretching to October 31st, providing you plenty of time to make this place your new favorite place to golf thanks to Estes Park Team Realty.

Though you won’t be golfing off any cliffs, part of the awe of this course is that some holes stretch right up to the base of the surrounding mountains. This close association with the surrounding landscape means encounters with wildlife are fairly common, especially in the early morning when everything else is quiet. 

The course itself, though surrounded by peaks many thousands of feet high, is fairly lightly sloping, featuring countless mature evergreen trees posted at strategic locations to make your round more challenging. When you add in the placid water features that dot the area, you end up with a course that you’ll want to play over and over, which you can do if you live in the area with the help of Estes Park Team Realty.

Lake Estes 9-Hole Golf Course

If you need to get your golf and nature fix but don’t have time to devote to a full round, the Lake Estes 9-Hole Golf Course is your ticket to fun. As its name suggests, this course is located near Lake Estes, providing stunning lake views and chances to witness some of the majestic local waterfowl in action. This course, strategically located on both sides of the Big Thompson River, truly provides the best of both worlds of nature and connectedness, as it begins and ends right next door to the town’s visitor’s center and downtown area.

This convenient location allows you to play a quick round of golf, then explore all of the other fun attractions this area has to offer. Whether you opt for something adventurous like horseback riding or a ropes course or something more relaxing like a ride up the tramway, you’ll be delighted at the proximity of all the major entertainment options within a short drive. The star attraction of this course, though, without a doubt, is the majestic Big Thompson River. Many holes on the course are right on the banks of the river, providing a tranquil soundtrack as you’re whether you’re above or below the Par 31 baseline score.

Fun for the Whole Family

Although there are no other professional golf courses in town, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some golfing fun with the rest of your family. A 19-hole (yes, 19) miniature golf course is waiting to be enjoyed at the Trout Haven Resort. The charming Meadow Mini Golf course offers the same majestic views as its larger siblings while offering a fun-for-the-whole-family atmosphere that has been a local tradition for over 60 years.

Whether you’re putting through the open mouth of an alligator, steering your ball through the base of a windmill, or simply enjoying the abundant flowers growing around the course, the Meadow Mini Golf course is sure to be fun for everyone. The best part is that if you get a hole-in-one on the 19th hole, you get a free round of golf. 

Just Steps Away

In this beautiful Colorado town, everything is close together, providing that small-town feel, even as you enjoy the wide-open landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. How incredible, then, to live so close to these amazing golfing opportunities, all while enjoying all the rest of the fun activities that are offered in and around town, as well.