Check Out These Easy Home Staging Tips For Sellers

We’ve all heard about the importance of home staging, but if you don’t consider yourself much of a decorator, you might not know where to start. Otherwise, you might be so comfortable with the way that you live that you aren’t aware of the ways that you could make your home more attractive to buyers. That’s why a few tips can go a long way when it comes to staging your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is one of those things that you might not even realize that you have because what is clutter and what is decoration or just necessities is a matter of opinion. The way that we live isn’t always the same as what looks good to a stranger. But if your house has a lot of papers lying around or unorganized kitchen cabinets, it’s reasonable for homeowners to think that there isn’t enough space. Lots of knick-knacks can also be a turnoff because they might have a very different taste than you have.

Make a Great First Impression

You need to ensure that your home’s exterior looks great so that people have positive feelings about your house as they walk up the sidewalk. The look of the exterior of your house can also affect how much a person is willing to pay, whether they’ll make an offer, and even whether they want to see the interior of the house. There are some simple things that you can do to make a great first impression. For instance, make sure that the bushes are trimmed and the lawn stays trimmed. A few potted plants and some new paint on the front door can also make a huge difference.

Hide Personal Objects

When you go into a house that you’re thinking about buying, it’s harder to imagine making the house your own if you see a lot of personal objects. Family photos are one of the most obvious examples of personal items that are sure to distract a potential homebuyer. But what’s really personal are bathroom objects. For instance, do you really want to see someone else’s used toothbrush, razor, or hairbrush? Probably not. These items have what your body has discarded all over them, and it’s a major turnoff for strangers.

Give Each Room a Purpose

If you have a room that’s filled with a hodgepodge of your children’s toys, your sewing materials, and your partner’s home office, people aren’t going to remember that space as being potentially useful. It’s also cluttered if you have workout equipment in the master bedroom or toys in the kitchen. Again, you might live this way, but rooms like the kitchen don’t look as functional and rooms that could look like a bonus room, such as a spare bedroom, might not even be remembered because they’re so dysfunctional.

When it’s time to sell your house, talk to real estate companies in Estes Park. We can help you learn how you can stage your home to attract buyers and larger offers.