Don’t Be Spooked By The Estes Park Trick or Treat Street Event

The Estes Park Trick-or-Treat Street Event is an annual event hosted in downtown Estes Park, Colorado, on Halloween night. The event draws thousands of people to Main Street, one of Colorado’s most significant Halloween events.

The city’s goal is to create a safe and social experience for trick-or-treaters and residents while providing family-friendly activities. In addition to the community aspect, this event also includes an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their businesses. This event is free, and the only activities that cost attendees money are parking fees. Parking costs $5 per vehicle.

The Estes Park Trick-or-Treat Street Event started in 1991 with a parade going from the start of Main Street to the library and back. The following year, the event changed, so that trick-or-treating took place throughout downtown Estes Park with a party at Hemlock Park. The event grew and was moved to the beginning of October 1994. The event moved to the front of Main Street and Hemlock Park in 2000 and then again to the beginning of Main Street in 2006. In 2007, tickets were created for kids to attend, which makes it a safer environment. The following year, costumes were banned from the street as they posed a security risk. At this point, anywhere but Main Street would be considered unsafe for trick-or-treaters.

In 2008, the city of Estes Park wanted to move the event to early October. Since they did not have enough resources, they decided to hold a smaller version of the event. The following year, 2009, was the first year Main Street was closed off, and entrances were restricted for trick-or-treaters. As a result of this action, more than six hundred people attended the opening night. In 2010, over one thousand people attended.

In 2011, the event was changed a bit as it became a themed festival. Children trick-or-treated at three different venues in downtown Estes Park and then returned to Main Street for the opening act of a concert by The Spazmatics.

The Estes Park Trick-or-Treat Street Event takes place on Halloween night on Main Street in downtown Estes Park, Colorado. The event is held on October 31st and lasts from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Also, here are things to do in Estes Park, Colorado. At the Estes Park Trick-or-Treat Street Event, people are encouraged to be in costume and trick-or-treat at various businesses on Main Street. Live music and candy are also available at multiple locations along the street.

The Estes Park Trick-or-Treat Street Event aims to attract more people to downtown Estes Park and create more business for the businesses located on Main Street. Downtown does not typically have an influx of people on Halloween, so the city believes that increasing the number of Trick-or-Treaters will increase the revenue generated.

The Estes Park Trick-or-Treat Street Event is an example of how a small city can find ways to increase its revenue. They can draw in many participants with the tools they have at their disposal. By operating a Trick-or-Treat Street Event, they incentivize more people to come to Estes Park.