Enjoy Some Epic Views & A Wild Ride On Estes Park’s Mountain Coaster

Estes Park is renowned as the Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. This beautiful town in scenic northern Colorado is a wonderful place to call home, and it’s also topping vacation lists as one of the most exciting spots in the state.

Credit goes to a unique venue just a few minutes down the road. When you’re looking for fun things to do in Estes Park, set your sights on the Mustang Mountain Coaster.

It’s an Alpine Coaster

This isn’t your typical roller coaster. Picture a bobsled that runs on rails. Think of it as a summer toboggan that easily travels across winter landscapes. The alpine coaster’s design keeps its sled secure on a metal track so that you can enjoy a wildly safe, family-friendly ride year-round.

The Mustang Mountain Coaster is one of Colorado’s newest steel gravity coasters. Hop in, and take a deep breath. You’re about to embark on an outdoor adventure that covers more than 2,000 feet down the base of the Rocky Mountains.

You Set the Speed

Are you ready for a wild roller coaster descent that blows back your hair? Do you prefer to take in magnificent scenery as your sled glides down to home base? It’s your ride. You’re in charge. This is one of the very few coasters that lets you control your speed.

The setup is simple. Your sled starts and finishes at the same spot. A conveyor pulls you to the top, and then it’s all between you, your need for speed and gravity. Most trips average between five and seven minutes, but it’s up to you and how you do or don’t apply the brakes.

The Experience Really Is Epic

Whether you go for a thrill ride or a smooth coast, it’s an unforgettable experience. The sled track winds, twists and turns through some of Colorado’s most beautiful wild country. Even top speeds of 30 mph can’t distract from the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding Rocky Mountains.

A relaxing ride to the bottom offers a panoramic view of nature in all its picture-perfect glory. Stay on the lookout for raccoons, beavers, and marmots. Don’t be surprised if your ride is tracked from above by peregrine falcons, red-tailed hawks, and golden eagles.

Estes Park Offers It All

Of all the things to do in Estes Park, keep Mustang Mountain Coaster at the top of your list. It’s budget-friendly, open all year, and just a few miles northeast of Estes Park. Ticket options include single passes, three-for-one passes, and full-day passes for the younger set, ages three through seven.

On your way to the coaster, be sure to note all the things that make this Colorado town so appealing. Its alpine lake is home to legendary lodges, including the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining.” The Rockies provide an unparalleled setting for hiking, camping, and fishing adventures. Estes Park is the kind of vacation destination that could easily become home.