Estes Park’s FREE Shuttle Service | Info & Routes

Estes Park Free Shuttle Service | Info & Routes

As the base of the Rocky Mountains National Park, Estes Parks receives millions of guests every year. The number swells, particularly during the summer. Getting around is always a chance during peak times and more so in the winter. To makes things easier for guests and residents, Estes Park operates a free shuttle service in summer and winter. Yes, the ride is entirely free for anyone who needs it. This article looks at the routes, departure times, and where to park.

Free Parking
Taking the free shuttle service means you will need to leave your car somewhere. Fortunately, Estes Town has an open parking structure along 691N St Vrain Avenue. The parking is across the river from the Estes Park Visitor Center. The four levels of parking space can accommodate 400 vehicles. It also has electric charging stations for convenience.

Route and Departures
Starting from November 18, the town rolled out a free shuttle service. This new service will run every Wednesday from 2-5 pm. The service will be available all winter until May 26, 2021. Below are the stops and departure times for the winter routes.
• Talons Pointe and Falcon Ridge 2 pm, 3 pm, and 4 pm
• Salud Family Health Center 2:01, 3:01, 4;01 pm
• CrossRoads Ministry 2:02, 3:02, 4:02 pm
• Lower Stanley Village 2:08, 3:08, and 4:08 pm
• Estes Park Health 2:15, 3:15, and 4:15 pm
• Dollar General 2:17,3:17, and 4:17 pm
• The Pines Apartments 2:21, 3:21, and 4:21 pm.
• Estes Valley Community Center 2:26, 3:26, and 4:26 pm.
• Community Drive and Grave Avenue: 2:28, 3:28, and 4:28 pm.
• Estes Valley Library 2:40, 3:40, and 4:40 pm
• National Park Village around the County Market 2:46, 3:46, and 4:46 pm
• Lower Stanley Village at the Reel Mountain Theatre 2:52, 3:52, and 4:52 pm
The stops and departure times are subject to change depending on the weather conditions. The schedule will be interrupted if the snowfall renders the roadways unpassable or unsafe. In case the free shuttle bus service is canceled due to bad weather, it automatically resumes the next day, on a Thursday. You can find more information on rescheduling from the Town’s Facebook page.

Route Deviation Requests
Estes park free shuttles service can make deviations to pick passengers up. Anyone can make a deviation request by calling 70-577-3959. The request must be made at least 24 hours in advance. However, deviations are limited to ¾ mile from the original route. The same restrictions apply to deviations during drop off. All route deviation requests are free of charge. Some requests may be denied if deemed to pose a safety risk to the passenger or the bus.

COVID-19 Precautions
Estes Transit takes the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic seriously and has taken measures to protect travelers. In line with Colorado’s transportation guidelines, the shuttles only carry 50% of the full capacity. That mean, each bus can only carry a maximum of 13 passengers. In addition to the social distancing, every occupant of the bus must wear face coverings. It includes the driver and all children over two years. If you are sick or have reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID, kindly don’t use the free shuttle bus service.

Final Word
Hopefully, this article provides you all the information you need about Estes Park Free Shuttle Service. This information will come in handy, especially if you are new to the town. Driving around in a new place can be hectic, especially during winter when some roads may be closed. Take full advantage of the free parking and transportation and make moving around a little easier.