Should You Renovate or Move? Here Are Some Things To Think About

Is your neighborhood getting too crowded?  Thinking about moving?  There are many factors to consider before making that decision. Have you added to the family and are the children becoming of school age. What school do you want them to attend? Would it be more beneficial to take some of the equity you have accrued in your home to just do an addition to make your home suit your family better?

If you are looking for a little more elbow room and considering schools, now is a great time to move forward. Your home has increased in value and interest rates are low allowing you more purchasing power for your new neighborhood and school district.

Your children may be out of school and you are looking for a quieter location and giving someone else the opportunity to place their children in the schools you selected for your children. It’s always nice to pay it forward and you can relocate into a location with more yard, possibly even with a garden area.  Sizing down because you don’t need as much room is also something to consider.

Time to size down and maybe buy that first vacation home.  You don’t always have to live in the heat or cold if you own two smaller homes in two different climates. You can enjoy the Rocky Mountains in the Summer along with fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. You can enjoy the warmth of the southern states in the winter and retire that snow shovel. My Uncle Walt was talking to a friend that was retiring and Walt asked him what he was going to do. He thought he would tie a snow shovel to the back of his RV and drive South until someone asked him what that was.

You can also enjoy the luxury of slipping up from that warmer climate to come back to the mountains for some snowshoeing or downhill skiing. There are many things to consider when asking yourself should we move or stay.  If you are looking for that mountain location Estes Park has always been at the top of my list.  Call now and we can guide you through the process.