The Difference Between The Three Agents: Listing, Selling, Seller’s Agents

A real estate agent is typically a requirement when buying or selling a home. Most people who try to go at it alone end up failing. However, there is a difference between listing and selling agents. It can be important to understand these differences as you research the real estate market. That knowledge comes in handy when looking for real estate agents in Estes Park.

What Is a Selling Agent

While it does seem counterintuitive, a selling agent represents the buyer instead of the seller. They are called the buyer’s agent while helping people look for a home, but that changes once it is under contract. They then become the selling agent, as they have contributed to a property getting sold. They are the people you hire to look for and present you with the properties that match your requirements. They also worked diligently to ensure you get the best deal possible when buying a home.

Listing Agent?

The listing agent is the one who helps their client get a property sold. They do things like set up the tours, give advice on what to fix to make it more appealing, help with the initial pricing, and even help with negotiating offers to give the client the best deal possible. They are integral, and it is not advised to try to sell your home without having an agent by your side. It should also be noted that a seller’s agent is a synonym for listing agents.

Difference Between Them

The differences have to do with who they represent and what they are trying to achieve. Both agents are trying to get the best deal possible for their clients. However, the listing agent is trying to get the highest price possible for the property owner, and the selling agent is trying to get the best deal possible for the buyer. Understanding this difference is essential when looking for homes for sale in Estes Park. For this process, you would look for a selling agent specializing in this area. They would scour their network to find you the best options possible in terms of homes for sale in Estes Park.

Closing the Deal

Both of these agents typically work on a commission structure based on the price of the home being sold. It is crucial to understand which part of this fee structure you are responsible for paying.