Best Spots To View The Fall Colors in Estes Park

It is a great time to visit Estes Valley during the autumn season because of the cool weather, the elk rut, and especially the fall colors.

The groves of the Aspen trees begin to illuminate the spot with shades of yellow, orange, and red and provide an awesome view that can only be offered by mother nature. You will be so lucky to find homes for sale in Estes Park in the center of fall colors.

Things to do in Estes Park

There are various things to do in Estes Park while you are exploring or visiting. Here are a couple of activities.

• Art Galleries in Estes Park
You could take pieces of your visit back home with you by buying pieces of art from the best Estes Park art galleries. Downtown Estes Park is full of restaurants, shops, and lots of art galleries that will keep you entertained. You can get just about anything from attractive mountain landscape art and photos to one of a kind pottery and handmade glass figures all made by local artists.

• Hiking
One of the best methods of experiencing Estes Park is hiking through the Rocky Mountain National Park and various other places. Dive into the beautiful view and smell the clean air with an Estes Park hiking trail.

Rocky Mountain National Park has over 350 miles of trails. There are smooth open fields and adventurous mountain climbs that any person can trail. You need to discover the famous hikes in the Rocky Mountain National Park to assist you to get started.

• Birdwatching
There are lots of Estes Park happening and charms to select from, no matter what kind of fun you are searching for. Some visitors at the Rocky Mountain Resorts appreciate silent adventures that enable them to enjoy the beautiful nature that is around them like watching birds.

Rocky Mountain National Park has more than 280 different species of birds, which are plentiful that it has been known as a Global essential spot. The park is a great way of beginning the activities of watching birds. Even just a simple stride via the towns can be a bird watching activity – particularly in the spring season. You can also begin with common in-town spots such as the Big Thompson river walkway and Lake Estes.

In the interior of the park, there is an awaiting birders’ kingdom. The Wild Basin, Bear Lake Road, and Lumpy Ridge are just a couple of hotspots in the park for birdwatching.

The Green Jeep Tours and Rocky Mountain Conservancy provide exterior touring and adventures where you can simply watch birds. However, Kaivote Tours possibly provides the location’s most expandable birding tour choices. You can also arrange a confidential day tour across the best trails in the park.

Best views in Estes Park

While touring the area there some of the best views in Estes Park you should go and check that will be very appealing to your eyes. here are some:
Gem Lake – Lumpy Ridge Trailhead
Gem Lake trail provides both a path via the aspen groves and also provides an appealing view of the Estes Park over the Longs Peak and the whole valley.

Bierstadt Lake – Bear Lake Trailhead to Park ‘N Ride
This is a place for point-to-point hiking that provides attractive hints as a person walks through a woodland spot and views the Bierstadt Lake across the Continental Divide and Longs Peak.

The Pool – Fern Lake Trailhead
While taking a hike through the aspens you can enjoy the music of the Big Thompson River which comes from the pool, the spot where the Fern Creek links with the Big Thompson.

Glacier Creek – Bear Lake Trailhead to Sprague Lake Trailhead
You can begin at Bear Lake and relish a typically plain sailing stroll through the nearest forest and later take the transport at Sprague Lake to your vehicle.

North Deer Mountain Trail
The Deer Mountain Trail is a good chance to have a summit while basking through the attractive vistas of the golden aspens, Fall River Valley, and Mummy Range.

Estes Cone – Long’s Peak Trailhead
The walk to Estes Cone is full of minor boost hiking through different terrains, such as pine and aspen forests, and over the Eugenia mine, and has a steep final section. Your walk will be awarded the beautiful views of the Mummy Range, Mount Meeker, Longs Peak and the best view will be of the Estes Valley.

Wild Basin Trailhead – Ouzel Falls
Ouzel Falls is not the only lure while hiking through the forest. You could also view the Calypso
Cascade and Copeland Falls along the hike. You can do this while enjoying the lively autumn colors.

Twin Sisters Trailhead – Twin Sisters
Go through the Twin Sisters Peak to check out the Longs Peak flanked by the Continental Divide.

Homes for Sale in Estes Park

Are you ready to make Estes Park you’re permanent home (or at least vacation spot)? Take a look at all of the current homes for sale in Estes Park and let us know if you’re looking for more information on any of them. We’d love to help you join our community and live the Estes Park lifestyle!